GT Couriers UK Ltd have within their portfolio a Contract Logistics division. This allows GT Couriers to customise a Logistics solution to customers whom require a dedicated service.

We guide the customer along each phase from initial meeting where we will extrapolate the appropriate information to present the best solution for their requirements to the induction of their vehicle, driver and their dedicated support staff.

The vehicles that the Contract Division source are bespoke vehicles. As can be seen by the latest additions to the GT Couriers fleet.

Two 25ton Truss Trucks

One of our customers required two 26 tonne truss carrying vehicles. After we had submitted our proposal they ordered two Mercedes-Benz Actros Streamspace cab 26 tonne truss carrying 13 metre flatbed trucks, powered by the latest Mercedes-Benz 320 BHP fuel efficient diesel engine, along with an Ad-Blu exhaust system along with road friendly air suspension plus a lifting 3rd. axle enabling GT Couriers and their customers to maintain a lower environmental ‘foot print’.

This efficient attention to detail benefits our customers not only  from an enhanced miles per gallon consequently directly returning value back to them by reducing their fuel costs it also has the added advantage of  aiding the environment with cleaner air being emitted from the vehicle than enters. This attention to detail makes GT Couriers the perfect partner for your business.