Back in 2000, this is where GT Couriers all started – two drivers, two small vans and a shed load of flyers! And away we went.

We’ve progressed a lot since then, and now in 2019 our extended fleet includes Merc Sprinters and 7.5, 18 and 26 tonners, as well as some Volkswagen ABT Transporters.

Recently, one of our Transporters had a makeover and got given the GT treatment to promote what we do best – Urgent same day deliveries!

The graphics on our newly-kitted out van are courtesy of Blueprint Nottingham. Richard at Blueprint has been signwriting our vehicles since we started out, including our two small vans way back when. It’s always a pleasure to promote excellent service, thanks Richard! Find him on Facebook here.

After the job was finished, we decided to head out to Derby Arena a couple of weeks later to take some promo shots of the new work when none other than the Women’s GB Cycling Team happened to show up. We managed to get a couple of sneaky shots of our van with the GB Cycling Team car – which is now our new semi-claim to fame – Team GB and Team GT, side by side. Thanks for dropping by, ladies!

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