A white GT Couriers van with its tail lift down and in use

GT Couriers has been coming up with logistics solutions for problematic deliveries for nearly 20 years, but one problem that always seems to get overlooked and catches more people out than any other is the delivery ‘uplift’ or ‘offload’.

Sometimes, a driver may arrive at a collection or delivery point only to be told the client has no fork truck facilities and find that the freight is too large, too heavy or too fragile to lift on or off by hand. This usually results in a costly failed load or, worst-case scenario, damaged goods or injury trying to handball the freight on or off the vehicle. In this situation, the tail lift is an essential piece of vehicle kit and, with us, it costs you no more to request it when booking your vehicle. Guaranteed no additional surcharge!

We have a range of rigid vehicles, from Lutons to 7.5 and 18 tonners that are equipped with tail lifts and pump trucks, allowing for greater flexibility when loading.

There are many benefits to hiring a truck or van with a tail lift. A tail lift is mainly designed to be able to lift heavy or bulky items on to the back of the van or truck with the ability to deliver and collect from a location where no other means of loading is possible. More importantly, with health and safety in mind, it makes injury to the van drivers and warehouse staff less likely.

With a loading capacity ranging from 740kg–1500kg, we have options to move most awkward or bulky loads – safely!

By loading using a tail lift, it will not only make the process easier and safer but also a lot quicker and much less labour intensive. By reducing the need for pallets to be stripped down and have the individual items hand-carried on to the van separately, the goods are also far less likely to be damaged.

Our tail lifts are driver operated by a fixed switch located at the side of the vehicle, or alternatively by remote wander lead, keeping the driver and warehouse staff out of harm’s way. If required GT vehicles can also be double manned, eliminating the need to utilise your own staff for loading purposes.

If a tail lift vehicle is just what you need to streamline your delivery process then ring our ops team on 01159 300868 or email us on [email protected] to discuss your requirements.